Norwegian cosplayer, I will most use this blog to post cosplay progress, but I like drawing and especially NSWF due to a dirty mind. You have been warned. :D




I love you. And I will for as long as I live, which for me has proven to be quite painful in the past so I´m really secure with you and I trust you not to let me down.

You made me overcome a lot of physical barricades I had put up. You made me experience a lot of things I had trained myself to…

I love you too <3
 i didn’t know it was gonna be this long of a post for me, im werry happy! and i know thet you sometimes need people to back the fuck up, but still. I know you try, you try so hard you end up crying sometimes, but there is nothing wrong with that. You just have this tendency of judging your self too hard…. about people, feelings, looks and what your mind and body is capable of in some situations…. but that is why you have me.

I’l support you, help you, dry your tears, clean your face, clean your wounds…. patch up what i can..

With love <3

I love my boyfriend! you hear that!! yeah im talking to you, you lill shit &lt;3&#160;

I love my boyfriend! you hear that!! yeah im talking to you, you lill shit <3 

wow that was really gay

literally everyone after Sosuke said Rin fell for Haruka. (via eizryl)

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Space Dandy 9inch, interchangeable parts figure, along w/ Honey 9inch figure & QT keychain from Studio Revolve. Sculpted by Enno Fumihiko Due out October 2014

Those are some Dandy figures!

Pre Order here:

I’ve never been a figurine guy, but I REALLY want that Dandy